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She would stand at the counter in front of the window and roll out her crusts for her pies, mix batters for cakes, or knead dough for her rolls and breads. I would get to lick the beaters from the mixer. There was always something sweet to eat in her kitchen; always homemade cookies in the cookie jar. I still use her jelly spoon to make my jams and jellies. It is stained purple from the hundreds of batches of jelly it has been dipped into. Like Grandma, we make everything in small batches and everything is made from scratch.

We make a wide variety of baked goods, so it’s. It’s impossible to have everything available all the time, so we pick a few things to feature in our Farm Store each Saturday. It’s best to order in advance to be sure you get what you want.

Items that are not featured at the farm store can be ordered anytime. Just give us a few days notice to get it ready for you. Those orders can be placed on the “Made to Order” page.

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Baked fresh to order

Treat yourself to the taste of homemade

Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet snack or a freshly-baked pastry, our selection of baked goods has something for everyone. Enjoy the taste of home-baked treats without the hassle of baking yourself!

Baking with love since 1980

Discover the delicious flavors of homemade jellies and jams

Made with fresh fruit and natural ingredients. Perfect for gift giving or to add a touch of homemade goodness to your own pantry. Order now for a taste of homemade delight..

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“Little Rock Farm is our go to for all our pastry needs. Young and old alike, everyone I’ve shared these delicious goodies with fell in love.” – Chelsey Roberts

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